Honduras - Guama Danta Reserve

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Sweet cherries, candied limes and warm spice notes complement a full, creamy body and bright acidity.



This diverse coffee region is located primarily in Comayagua, a forested area high in mountains that are known for being the most productive coffee-growing department in Honduras. Here, red clay soils provide nourishment and porosity for optimal plant growth, coffee production is a multi-generation tradition, and farmers grow coffee in nearly every possible micro-climate. The result: unbelievably complex coffees.

A true community effort, Guama Danta Reserve is produced by 87 smallholder farmers.



 Guama Danta has well-defined wet and dry seasons, contributing to proper flowering and fruit development. Although transporting coffee to drying stations often becomes challenging during rainy days, the producers have banded together to install solar dryers to ensure their coffees dry uniformly and that quality remains high.

In this region, Volcafe holds the highest concentration of single producers delivering coffee to its warehouse in Comayagua. Facilities, warehouses and drying stations have all been adapted to assist producers of specialty coffee.



 Located in Central America, Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Caribbean Sea forms its northern border, while the Pacific Ocean meets the country’s southern tip.

Guama Danta is surrounded by sweetgum forest and a sheltering mountain range. Together, they form a climate bubble that's ideal for growing shade-protected, high-quality coffee

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